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Garage K-2's Unique Services
  • Vehicle export/import between US and Japan
  • Japanese and American made vehicle export to the world markets
  • Shipping your vehicle to overseas as you move
  • Customs clearance of vehicles in US and Japan
  • Preliminary inspections and alterations at our own factory (in Japan)
  • Passing tests for emission, safety & maintenance
  • Registration and delivery to your home
  • Purchasing vehicles through auction
Our company has been established for 25 years both in US and Japan, and our customers' trust in our performance and experience have enabled us to export more than 5,000 American vehicles to Japan. We have also exported new and used vehicles from both Japan and US to more than 10 countries.

We added a unique service 6 years ago to take a good care of moving our customers' own vehicles as they move between countries. This service has been highly appreciated by many Japanese corporate expatriates and students in US when they return to Japan..

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